Tammie Bethelmy, infamously known as Tammie B, shares her years of expertise and knowledge in this blueprint for hair coloring! Step by step instructions on how to understand color, how to determine client's hair color, and how to get the color outcome your client desires. She takes something that could be complicated, and simplifies in such a way that breaks the code for hair stylists to understand the one thing that will bring an increase in more service offerings.. which increases revenue!

Many people are coloring their own hair at home and may not understand why they are not getting the results that are on the box. OR they are damaging their hair so badly by incorrectly applying the wrong kind of chemicals to achieve their desired color.

Tammie B's Coloring Book is a go-to resource for hair stylists everywhere for any texture of hair! Take it from someone who is licensed and experienced in all things hair color. Tammie B won first place in the 2012 Legends & Youngins Hair Battle, MIBA Professional Hair Battle, and Bella Encore Hair Battle. She also coordinated Kevin Kirk's award-winning performance in the 70th Anniversary Bronner Brothers International Hair Battle in August 2017—leading him to his fourth victory, the most in Bronner Brothers history. 

Tammie B has been one of the top platform artist and educators for the BabylissPro Design team for over nine years, and is the Lead Brand Ambassador for KirkPro Products founded by her mentor, Kevin Kirk.

Wouldn’t you want to learn from a Master Hair Stylist?

"Tammie B's Coloring Book"


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